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Tantra also involves hygiene

Only a few masseurs worry about hygiene. To us  it is a very vital aspect the are constantly taking care of.

Massage is a job dealing with skin to skin contact and needs to be healthy in many aspects: the energy we will share is one of them. You will also be able to check their clean, warm and welcoming skin.

Before and after the massage you are welcomed to shower at their premises. When serving you at your hotel please have a shower before the session. Clean and crisp fresh towels for you at our massage studios, paper sheets to protect the tatami, for just one use, cushions covered with a removable paper towel, one use paper shoes for not letting you walk barefoot... No matter if enjoying their erotic gay massage in your hotel room or at any studio.

Hygiene and privacy

Paco, Leo and Yamal work both for hotels and at our Tantra massage studio premises in Barcelona, where you have the privilege to use a shower before and after the session.

But there is more to hygiene: during their blissful massage you will feel alone in the world —just with the masseur of your choice: Paco, Leo or Yamal—, and pampered in the silence of a soft and distant music.

Hygiene and protocol

If you have an appointment the door will be opened by the masseur you choose. You’ll be guided to the cabinet or suite, it is a matter of a few steps in the candle light scented with sandal.

A warm and sweet oasis will be created just for you. Time will suddenly stop and you will forget the worries. You will be aware just of the joy and pleasure of your body and mind. Tantra massage is the technique, and your satisfaction is our goal.


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