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Tantra Massage Studio


Gay Tantra massage
Gay Tantra massage
Space perspective
Space perspective
Exquisite ambiance
Exquisite ambiance

Visit our studio in Barcelona!

The setting for the best tantric massage is extremely relevant.

We are very lucky to have this wonderful apartment in the city center of Barcelona.

Easy to find, on the broad avenue of Aragó, just one corner from L4 Metro station Girona.

The right atmosphere for the best Tantra massage

Our isolated apartment is the best option. Silence, peace, the right lighting. Candle lights, a very big room to feel at ease.

The right music. You can also choose among several play-lists.

Tantra massage studio for couples

Matt and Paco are also serving couples. You have many more choices than you think though!

You can choose if you want to share one masseur for both.

Or one masseur for each.

And also if you want to be in the same room or in separate suites. We have two independent rooms exactly for this purpose.

As you can see, your preferences rule!

We will get out of our way to adapt to your wishes. Just call and let's discuss it personally!

Unique Tantric experience

To forget about stress, to create a unique erotic experience the setting is crucial.

We are not one of those crowded parlors with too many rooms and too many visitors.

Quality is our focus. We are maybe performing less massages than other studios, but the difference is a huge one for you: quality.


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